UniFi Official UAP Firmware 5.43.35




This firmware version is currently available for the following model(s):
  • UAP-AC-Lite
  • UAP-nanoHD

It will be released to other AP models gradually.


This version adds support for the following features on Gen2/Gen3 access points:
  • WPA3
  • PMF
  • Proxy ARP

If you experience connectivity issues after upgrading from 4.x.x firmware to this version, please ensure that
  1. If WPA3 is enabled without Transition Mode, your clients are WPA3 capable
  2. PMF is set to Disabled
  3. Proxy ARP is disabled

If you do experience connectivity issues with PMF set to Optional or Proxy ARP being enabled, please do let us know through a comment on this release post. While we expect the above tips to resolve connectivity issues, we would still like to investigate the problems these features are causing with certain clients.
This firmware resolves known DHCP issues. If you are still experiencing noticeable issues with clients not receiving DHCP-assigned IPs, please comment on this release post with your controller version, topology, and DHCP server.


  • [UAP-MTK] Improve overall stability.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve authentication reliability.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve compatibility when PMF is optional/required.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve radar detection.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve WPA3/SAE connectivity.
  • [UAP-AC-IW] Improve topology detection.
  • [UAP] Improve Wireless Downlink connection stability.
  • [UAP] Improve overall stability.


  • [UAP-MTK] Fix crashes caused by RF Scans for certain configurations.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix intermittent connectivity issues with RADIUS MAC-based Authorization and Fast Roaming enabled.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix memory leak occurring when an interface state is cycled.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix 5 GHz association failure when using both WPA1 and WPA2 modes.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix DFS alerts not working on controller 6.0.41 or newer.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix VLAN throughput degradation after a provision.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix wireless downlinks reconnection issues when a radar is detected on a DFS channel.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix IoT connectivity issues to the 2.4 GHz radio when WPA3 is enabled.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix channels 100-144 for Australia.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve connectivity with IOT devices on 2.4 GHz.

Additional information​

  • Instead of using the manual links, you can also subscribe to your desired firmware channel, as described here.
  • All URLs use HTTPS. This assumes your device(s) are running 3.7.56 or later and that the device's date is properly set. Please change URLs to HTTP for device(s) running earlier firmware or if the date is incorrect (e.g. if device can't reach a NTP server).

Any and all feedback is welcome, including lettings us know about successful device upgrades. When reporting an issue, please ensure that you include the following information:

  • Controller version.
  • Firmware version (previous and current).
  • Device model(s).
Download links
UAP-AC-Lite | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-nanoHD | md5sum | sha256sum