UAP/USW Firmware


Important notes
Release Stage: Release Candidate
  • The binary for most 1st gen UniFi Switch has been changed from US/US-POE to US-8/16/24/48/###W which better reflects the SKU of those devices. None of the models with PoE actually had PoE in the SKU/name.
  • [US-XG-6POE] Enable L3 support.*
*Controller support pending.

  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD] Always enable RTS/CTS protection during transmit opportunity.
  • [UAP] Tweak performance.*
  • [HW] Allow disabling crash and critical event reporting.**
  • [HW] Default disable crash and critical event reporting.**
  • [HW] Improve accuracy of memory use calculations.
*Excluding nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD.
**Controller support pending.

  • [HD/SHD/XG/BaseStationXG] Fix a couple of rare crashes.
  • [HD/SHD/XG/UWB-XG] Fix oopsdump support.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD] Fix dropped packet issue causing periodic wireless uplink interruptions (reported HERE).
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD] Fix Fast Roaming fail issue when 802.11w (PMF) is enabled.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD] Fix log spam (reported HERE).
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD] Fix reported Wi-Fi latency as it's not yet implemented.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD] Improve 5GHz radio stability.
  • [UAP] Fix DNS warning endianness.
  • [UAP] Numerous Guest Portal fixes and improvements (see HERE).
  • [US-8/16/24/48/###W/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix DHCP ACK storm and duplicate offer/ACK issue.
  • [US-8/16/24/48/###W/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix DHCP Guard support.
  • [US-8/16/24/48/###W/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix multicast flooding and CPU use issue (reported HERE).
  • [HW] Fix provisioning of
  • [HW] Remove HMAC-MD5 support for shell access.
Known issues
  • UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-IW, UAP-OD and UAP-OD5 cannot be downgraded from firmware 4.0.17+ to an earlier release.
  • All URLs use HTTPS. This assumes your device(s) are running 3.7.56 or later and that the device's date is properly set. Please change URLs to HTTP for device(s) running earlier firmware or if the date is incorrect (e.g. if device can't reach a NTP server).
  • You may start to see EVT_AP_RestartProc events in the controller log. If you see these, please report if there is anything specifically in your setup that triggers the events. The processes restarting is not new, but the reporting of the restarting is, and we are using these reports to clean up these issues.
  • US-XG-6POE upgrading from 4.0.2 or earlier will take a long time to upgrade. Don't be surprised if your switch is unavailable for 5-10+ minutes as 4.0.3+ also updates the PoE firmware to improve PD compatibility.
  • UIS-8-450W upgrading from 4.0.33 and earlier will have their PoE firmware upgraded automatically to improve PD compatibility. That process will take a few minutes. PoE will be unavailable during the upgrade process.
  • 1st gen UAPs may require extra steps when upgrading from firmware 4.0.3. You can try disabling all WLAN groups, and then running the upgrade. Devices that are seemingly "stuck" on 4.0.3 may require TFTP recovery to upgrade from that firmware.
  • All supported 1st gen APs need to be on a minimum of 4.0.10 prior to upgrading to this firmware. Controller 5.10.3+ will force an upgrade to 4.0.10 prior to upgrading to this release (only if your device isn't running 4.0.10 already).
  • USW-16/24-PoE running 4.0.44 cannot directly upgrade to firmware 4.0.60 or later. Please upgrade to THIS release first via custom upgrade and then you'll be able to upgrade it to firmware 4.0.60+.
Any and all feedback is welcome, including lettings us know about successful device upgrades. When reporting an issue, please ensure that you include the following information:
  • Controller version.
  • Firmware version (previous and current).
  • Device model(s).
Download links
UAP-AC-Lite/LR/Pro/EDU/M/M-PRO/IW/IW-Pro | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-HD/SHD/XG/BaseStationXG | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-OD, UAP-OD5 | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-v2, UAP-LR-v2 | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-IW | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-Pro | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-OD+ | md5sum | sha256sum
U-LTE | md5sum | sha256sum
US-8/16/24/48/###W | md5sum | sha256sum
US-L2-POE | md5sum | sha256sum
US-16-XG | md5sum | sha256sum
US-XG-6POE/USW-Pro | md5sum | sha256sum
UIS-8-450W/USC-8 | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Flex | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-PoE | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Multi | md5sum | sha256sum


Kreeg deze eergisteren pushed na installatie op AP-HD en switch werken speakergroepen onder google home niet meer. Nu zie ik online dat random redelijk wat mensen klagen (non unifi) dat dit niet meer werkt. Toevallig meer mensen last van?

Gebruik speakergroups niet ze heel veel, maar misschien dat meer het ondervonden hebben hier na de upgrade naar deze firmware.


New UniFier
Staat bij mij inmiddels ook klaar om geïnstalleerd te worden... maar als ik zo lees, wacht ik daar nog even mee.... iemand ook slechte ervaringen??