Gen 1 UAP/USW Firmware


Important notes
Release Stage: Release Candidate


  • [UAP-G3/MTK] Fix fast-roaming issues.
  • [UAP-G1] Improve probe response transmission.
  • [UAP] Fix guest portal instability.
  • [UAP] Fix intermittent RADIUS COA failure.
  • [USW-Flex] Fix PoE off failure when powered by AF/AT.
  • [HW] Don't resolve hostname unifi resolve to when USG gets adopted.
  • All URLs use HTTPS. This assumes your device(s) are running 3.7.56 or later and that the device's date is properly set. Please change URLs to HTTP for device(s) running earlier firmware or if the date is incorrect (e.g. if device can't reach a NTP server).
  • You may start to see EVT_AP_RestartProc events in the controller log. If you see these, please report if there is anything specifically in your setup that triggers the events. The processes restarting is not new, but the reporting of the restarting is, and we are using these reports to clean up these issues.
  • US-XG-6POE upgrading from 4.0.2 or earlier will take a long time to upgrade. Don't be surprised if your switch is unavailable for 5-10+ minutes as 4.0.3+ also updates the PoE firmware to improve PD compatibility.
  • UIS-8-450W upgrading from 4.0.33 and earlier will have their PoE firmware upgraded automatically to improve PD compatibility. That process will take a few minutes. PoE will be unavailable during the upgrade process.
  • USW-16/24-PoE running 4.0.44 cannot directly upgrade to firmware 4.0.60 or later. Please upgrade to THIS release first via custom upgrade and then you'll be able to upgrade it to firmware 4.0.60+.
Any and all feedback is welcome, including lettings us know about successful device upgrades. When reporting an issue, please ensure that you include the following information:
  • Controller version.
  • Firmware version (previous and current).
  • Device model(s).
Notes On Analytics

The analytics framework of UniFi Networking products collects two types of analytics data: personal data and other data (described in detail here).

When we first added the controller option for enabling analytics in 5.12.35, personal data and other data were not separated, so the feature either collected both personal and other data, or no data at all. We learned from the previous roll-out of analytics reporting that, even though users want to contribute to making products better, they are rightfully concerned about data privacy and the impact that it may have on their own business. As a result, we have separated the reporting of personal and other data, so that we can continue collecting valuable statistics that improve our products while keeping identifiable data out of the picture.

As of today, we are in the process of updating the analytics feature in UniFi Networking products to report personal data and other data separately. Once the products are updated, they will behave this way:
  • If the controller option is enabled, analytics will send personal and other data.
  • If the controller option is disabled, analytics will send other data.
  • If the controller option is disabled and you use the custom config value, analytics will report no data.

In USW/UAP firmware 4.1.0 and newer, you can set the custom config value as follows:
Use in the controller (described here) and setting to disabled. For example:

Since we are in the process of making the above update, some UniFi Network products still follow the initial behavior of not separating personal data from other data (in which case the controller will enable/disable analytics entirely), but these products will be updated in future releases.
Download links
UAP-AC-Lite/LR/Pro/EDU/M/M-PRO/IW/IW-Pro | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-HD/SHD/XG/BaseStationXG | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-OD, UAP-OD5 | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-v2, UAP-LR-v2 | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-IW | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-Pro | md5sum | sha256sum
UAP-OD+ | md5sum | sha256sum
U-LTE | md5sum | sha256sum
US-8/16/24/48/###W | md5sum | sha256sum
US-L2-POE | md5sum | sha256sum
US-16-XG | md5sum | sha256sum
US-XG-6POE/USW-Pro/USW-Pro-POE | md5sum | sha256sum
UIS-8-450W/USC-8 | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Flex/USP-RPS | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-POE/USW-Lite-POE | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Multi | md5sum | sha256sum