UniFi Official UniFi Network Application 6.2.23




* This release is a release-candidate.


  • Add "Off" setting for Alerts notifications.
  • Add Default and Custom Host fields for Override Inform Host feature (when it’s enabled) in Settings of Network Application running on UniFi OS Console.
  • Split out Device Discovery alerts from Connection/Reconnection alerts.
  • Throttle alerts: only one alert if downlink devices go offline/online.


  • Fix Up Pkts column header name in Clients table.
  • Fix initial state of PMF Mode.
  • Fix bar chart not aligned with time-series on hour change on Dashboard page.
  • Fix not being able to save any changes in Settings.
  • Fix static routes not provisioned when created from new settings.
  • Fix Dashboard WiFi chart gap and displayed data range.
  • Fix overlapping validation error in Site-to-Site VPN form.
  • Fix settings loading issues for Non-UniFi OS applications.
  • Use application timezone in all places.
  • Hide "Report Wrong Icon" for UniFi devices.

Known issues​

  • L3 adoption of UBB does not work properly.

Additional information​

(Recommended) - Create an up-to-date backup before upgrading your UniFi Network Application settings in the event any issues are encountered.
  • Existing UniFi Network Applications must be on one of the following versions in order to upgrade directly to this version:
6.2.23 and earlier 6.2.x versions.
6.1.71 and earlier 6.1.x versions.
6.0.45 and earlier 6.0.x versions.
5.14.25 and earlier 5.14.x versions.
5.13.33 and earlier 5.13.x versions.
5.12.72 and earlier 5.12.x versions.
5.11.52 and earlier 5.11.x versions.
5.10.27 and earlier 5.10.x versions.
5.9.33 and earlier 5.9.x versions.
5.8.30 and earlier 5.8.x versions.
5.7.28 and earlier 5.7.x versions.
5.6.42 and earlier 5.6.x versions.
Most earlier versions are also supported for direct upgrade, going back to 3.1.0.

  • UniFi Network Application updates may cause your adopted devices to reprovision.
  • An updated/current version of Java 8 must be installed on the system hosting the UniFi Network Application. Java 9 and later are not yet supported.
  • As of UniFi Network Application version 5.9, if using Cloud Access, the host system/device requires outbound 8883/tcp to be open/unrestricted. Find up-to-date port requirements here.
  • Minimum supported device firmware for U6-Series devices is 5.29.0, UAP/USW is 4.0.9, and for USG it's 4.4.34.
  • If you have any 'service dns forwarding options' configuration defined in config.gateway.json, it will overwrite the provisioning of statically defined name servers, leaving you with no DNS. Either remove the 'service dns forwarding options' portion of config.gateway.json, or add additional 'options' lines defining name servers, such as 'server=', 'server=', etc.

Microsoft Windows specific
  • Users running 64-bit Windows should only have 64-bit Java installed. If you have 32-bit Java installed then we recommend uninstalling it.

macOS Specific
  • We stopped bundling Java as of UniFi Network 5.11.47. If you're installing that release or later please make sure you have manually installed a current release of Java 8 beforehand. Only the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required.
  • Oracle JRE 8 offers the simplest path as it will simply "just work" without requiring any changes. We may investigate alternative JVMs and update this message accordingly.

Debian/Ubuntu specific
  • For Debian/Ubuntu users installing via our repo, please update your APT source (see HERE).
  • We support MongoDB 3.6 since 5.13.10, older UniFi Network Application versions only support up to MongoDB 3.4.

4e0285da803df3a9c1a00e491cb510be *UniFi-installer.exe
1e95cee96dbe4cd1423bff832aec7430 *UniFi.pkg
55d31ae5c3540f65a87c633589e49ee0 *unifi_sysvinit_all.deb
601df32736f41e40a80a3e472450a3e1 *unifi_sh_api


SHA256(UniFi-installer.exe)= faf00f5d2d317e7a31121c3c557fecd4f68f61e9e811bc0d7030c0941bb5d321
SHA256(UniFi.pkg)= 9a4939a83cfee08d5961e552f7bcfedea8e4eeb9c170b78166cf575d4b7fc1d0
SHA256(unifi_sysvinit_all.deb)= d15583a6f4424151d3a77c053f58bd6de9000c394978583060845d3a45b1396f
SHA256(unifi_sh_api)= 1791685039ea795970bcc7a61eec854058e3e6fc13c52770e31e20f3beb622eb

Download links
UniFi Network Application for Windows
UniFi Network Application for macOS
UniFi Network Application for Debian/Ubuntu and UniFi Cloud Key
unifi_sh_api (shell library)