UniFi Official UniFi OS - Dream Router 2.5.11




* This is a rolling release, everyone will receive it in the coming days!

Bundled applications


  • Add email validation for UI account creation during setup.
  • Add visual icons for UID and Connect during backup restore.
  • Add support for remote syslog.
  • Add memory limits for the Network application.
  • Improve firmware upgrade stability from the UI.
  • Improve speedtest stability.
  • Improve WiFi driver stability.
  • Improve UX when installing and updating applications.
  • Improve Remote Access connection stability.
  • Improve DPI performance.
  • Improve network stability when UDR is under high network traffic load.
  • Limit restoring local backups only from the same console model.
  • Backup restore will skip restoring the backup schedule if remote access is disabled.
  • Provide previous subnet information when detecting existing subnet during setup.
  • Block power off and console reboot actions in UniFi OS when applications are installing or updating.
  • Cache application update info to reduce CPU load.
  • Update FAN speed table.
  • Update Suricata to 6.0.5.
  • Update integrated Access Point firmware to 6.2.30.


  • Fix getting the wrong Config Backup list after console owner transfer.
  • Fix inaccurate timezone converting causing schedule issues for Scheduled Traffic Rules.
  • Fix Bluetooth disconnecting issue when setting up MAC Address Clone with the Mobile app.
  • Fix race condition when configuring Honeypot.
  • Fix DNS Cache (dnsmasq) issue when using PPPoE.
  • Fix issue where Admins with a custom role couldn't perform certain actions in UniFi OS settings.
  • Fix inaccurate timestamp for latest cloud backup.
  • Fix log rotate for firewall logs.
  • Fix incorrect WES score for WiFi.
  • Fix issue where the topology page is broken in some cases.
  • Fix false "insert network cable" screen on LCM when using PPPoE.
  • Fix gateway configuration error when enabling Syslog & Netconsole Logs in the UniFi Network application.
  • Display right IP address on UOS when using PPPoE.

Additional information​

Please report any issues you encounter with this release using the Report Bug form.

Manual upgrade instructions
SSH into your UDR and execute the following in it's shell (replace <firmware_url> with one of the download links found below):
ubnt-systool fwupdate <firmware_url>

UDR Checksum
md5: 952c3815df0173ba32a661394ce9a9e8
sha256: a40b390d21d551f9ad25bc5e99917eea5f0a9d283dda25d120538aa68d01a71e

Download links
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