UniFi Official UniFi Protect Application 1.18.0




  • Add UP-FloodLight device support
  • Add option to adopt WiFi cameras over WiFi (Works only on UDM-Pro and UCK-G2-Plus).
  • More granular timelapse when scrubbing over events (Only if using less than 50% of camera capacity).
  • Web UI: show connection state on the dashboard (Remote / Direct).
  • Web UI: add RAID storage estimate.
  • Web UI: add improved NVR section on the dashboard.
  • Web UI: add an option to see all detections on the dashboard.
  • Web UI: add “Estimated storage capacity” in the dashboard.
  • Web UI: add filtering events by time.
  • Web UI: show recent events in the dashboard.
  • Web UI: show help information if video playback is struggling to load.
  • Web UI: show a notification if the device is reaching or is over supported camera count (Supported camera limits by host device).
  • Web UI: update camera selection UI in LiveView configuration screen.
  • Web UI: update loading spinner when the video is buffering.
  • Web UI: update video player UI.
  • Web UI: inform non-owner users if the Smart Detections feature is not available.
  • Web UI: scroll to zoom in Live View or video player.
  • Cameras: faster Live stream startup time.
  • G4 Cameras: better smart detection model selection.
  • G3-Instant: image quality improvement.
  • G4-PTZ: support up to 16 3D privacy zones.


  • Prevent a recently adopted camera from repeatedly appearing ready for adoption.
  • Fix issue which could cause the application to reboot.
  • Fix an issue which caused and error when downloading and playing recordings close to live stream.
  • Fix an issue where playback did not restart when the connection is temporarily lost.
  • Fix an issue where device memory grows if watching video streams from mobile devices for longer periods of time.
  • Fix an issue where time zone change did not update statistics data correctly.
  • Web UI: allow users with limited admin role to edit alert notification settings.
  • Web UI: prevent playback freezing when opening an event.
  • Web UI: prevent file overwriting when exporting large recordings.
  • Web UI: prevent timelapse from failing when changing between cameras.
  • Web UI: fix typo 'conected' -> 'connected'.
  • Web UI: fix infinite loading in dashboard recent events section.
  • Web UI: fix issue where users with limited device access could not see all Recent Detections filters.
  • Web UI: fix issue where videos were not fully playable when cameras were set to motion only recordings.
  • Web UI: fix user interface breaking on some older browsers.
  • Web UI: fix broken Live View for users with Limited Admin roles.
  • Web UI: fix issue where video date was showing in the wrong timezone.
  • Web UI: fix an issue where non-camera devices could not be moved to a different UniFi Protect application using a device password.
  • Web UI: fix the issue when displaying wrong "earliest recording" on the dashboard.
  • Web UI: fix some event thumbnails not loading in the dashboard.
  • Web UI: fix person detection box color & aspect ratio.
  • Web UI: fix browser memory leak, when the live stream is viewed, and then the user navigates to a different page in UI.
  • Web UI: reload events page when deleting clips.
  • Web UI: show mouse pointer for clickable rows in the device list.
  • Web UI: close side panel when unadopting device.
  • Web UI: improve the handling of streams in LiveView with many cameras.
  • G4 Cameras: IR led intensity fix (was not output in 100% power when turned on).
  • G4 Cameras: fix an issue day/night switch hunting symptom.
  • G4 Cameras: fix an ALS self-calibration issue, better day/night switch behavior.
  • G4-Bullet: disable "IR Range Extender" auto-detection which might be wrongly detected.
  • Viewport: fix device adoption issue in rare cases.

Additional information​

If you experience any issues with this release, please reach out to our support team at help.ui.com.