Early Access USW Firmware 6.0.3


Active UniFier


  • [USW-Aggregation] Fix connectivity issue on LAG ports.
  • [US-8] Fix PoE restart doesn't work on PoE passthrough port.

Additional information​

Please report any issues you encounter with this release using the Report Bug form.
  • Instead of using the manual links, you can also subscribe to your desired firmware channel, as described here.
  • Your device built-in display may turn black or unresponsive for ~10 minutes after firmware upgrades to upgrade LCM firmware.
  • All URLs use HTTPS. This assumes your device(s) are running 3.7.56 or later and that the device's date is properly set. Please change URLs to HTTP for device(s) running earlier firmware or if the date is incorrect (e.g. if device can't reach a NTP server).

Any and all feedback is welcome, including lettings us know about successful device upgrades. When reporting an issue, please ensure that you include the following information:

  • Application version.
  • Firmware version (previous and current).
  • Device model(s).

Download links
US-8/16/24/48/###W | md5sum | sha256sum
US-L2-POE | md5sum | sha256sum
US-16-XG | md5sum | sha256sum
US-XG-6POE/USW-Pro/USW-Pro-POE/USW-Enterprise-24-PoE | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Pro-Aggregation/USW-Enterprise-48-PoE/USW-EnterpriseXG-24 | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Aggregation | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Flex-XG/USW-Enterprise-8-PoE | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Industrial/USC-8 | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Flex/USP-RPS | md5sum | sha256sum
USP-Pro-PDU | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-16/24/48-POE/USW-24-48/USW-Lite-8/16-POE/USW-Mission-Critical-EA | md5sum | sha256sum
USW-Multi | md5sum | sha256sum